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Hi. Does anyone have knowledge about the bivalent covid booster requirement? I read that it is required for all students, in order to register for classes for the 23-24 school year, but I am having a hard time believing this. It was not mentioned during our campus visit, and I can’t find it anywhere on the admissions site.

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Yes, I called the health center, and the booster is a requirement of enrollment. From my understanding, there are two exemptions: 1. medical (this needs to be completed by a health care provider), 2. religious (this is an essay completed by the student). These can be completed, submitted, and reviewed before the student makes a decision about where to enroll. I believe the information and relevant links are on the student’s portal.

Thank you. My daughter was accepted REA and is still unaware of this requirement. We will have to break this to her. Our family became more uncomfortable with the booster vaccine side effects, after a family member had a serious reaction. We all have the initial shots. No honest way to get an exemption, so I am not sure what we will do. I am heartbroken.

I’m going to send you a message about this topic.

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the bivalent shot is fine for nearly everyone. Knowing 1 person who had a reaction is not a reason to not get it. Reactions to COVID are worse for the student and their colleagues. That’s why it’s required.

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Have you looked at VAERS lately? You seem awfully confident, so I am assuming you have not looked at the VAERS data or any of the recent scientific publications worldwide. And this is not even getting into whether the epitope of the vaccine or the booster is matched to the most recent variants in circulation. But if you don’t have a virology or immunology background, then I won’t bother getting into the details on a message board. If you do, then please, by all means post any literature that you have that highlights the risk assessment for the virus to the age cohorts you are talking about. Have a great day! :slight_smile:


Anyone else get the Financial Aid: 101 email? Trying not to read too much into it, but the timing of it seems interesting as we are still waiting on a decision. Thanks!

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Yes we got it. Didn’t even apply for financial aid. I wouldn’t read anything into it.


We got it too


I read somewhere here on CC that a student had been told that they’re a semifinalist for a ND merit scholarship. Now I can’t find that post. Anyone know where it is? TIA!

Since you imply you have a virology or immunology background, can you share the links to any published research in reputable peer-reviewed journals that shows the net risk assessment for teenagers for the COVID vaccine/booster? It’s a sincere request - it sounds like you have read something credible (not the usual facebook groups and conspiracy websites) and I am curious.

All of these articles below point to the ineffectiveness of the booster immunologically speaking, which is what many virologists and immunologists were pointing out from the beginning. In short, it is creating a selective pressure to a notoriously unstable virus–on a simplistic level, think of it as analogous to creating bacterial resistance with overuse of antibiotics.

Article on study done on the similar outcomes of infection in influenza and covid in elderly:

These articles below look at myocarditis and sudden cardiac death in adolescents post vaccination:

Risk assessment for hospitalization and death by age:

You can see that the 0-17 and 18-49 age cohort have the lowest risk of mortality. The 18-49 cohort is slightly skewed because that is a very broad group.

This one is from Ohio, but age groups are slightly tighter.

Whether one decides to vaccinate or boost their child/adolescent or even themselves is an entirely personal decision, however, we simply do not know the long term effects of the vaccine or the booster. In my opinion, it is not worth the risk of possible illness, injury and/or death to vaccinate against a virus that doesn’t carry a great risk to the adolescent population. There is still more research to be done on this, but if you can’t question it, it isn’t science. That is all many of us who are scientists, have been trying to do since the beginning. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.


DD also received the semi-finalist notification for a merit scholarship.

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Was she REA or RD? Thx

Did you open and read the email? It was more about Alumni success rather than financial aid. It has some impressive success numbers!

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She is RD.

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we don’t need any more marketing material. S23 loves ND, and definitely doesn’t need to love it anymore unless he is accepted!


Agree on that.