Notre Dame Fencer Wins First US Gold

<p>Mariel Zagunis, who will return to Notre Dame this fall to finish her senior year (I believe), won the gold in women's individual sabre. Wow!</p>

<p>Mariel</a> Zagunis wins first US gold, leading American sweep in fencing event --</p>

<p>Greta, thank you for the wonderful news. As a member of Notre Dame, I am so pride of Mariel Zagunis. I can not wait to tell my daughter (she will be her freshmen year in Notre Dame) and my relatives who are watching Olympic sports in Beijing. Congratulations to Mariel Zagunis.</p>

<p>That is her second gold, she won the same event in Athens. ND's fencing is pretty darn good! There were several fencers who made it to Athens!</p>

<p>Imagine walking into your room freshman year and meeting your roommate - "Hey, I'm ______, nice to meet you, what'd you do this summer?" "Oh, you know, I won an Olympic gold medal, no big deal." "Oh... I (insert lame summer job here), but I guess the whole gold medal thing is cooler."</p>


<p>Awesome!! Thanks for posting</p>

<p>Mariel was my cousin's roomie freshman year! They lived in pasquerilla east..</p>

<p>Is she nice and down to earth? I never heard about how she was as a person but that is always something I like to know. I would cheer for her anyway as she is a domer, but knowing she is a good person makes me cheer that much more strongly.</p>