Notre Dame Leadership Seminar 2020

I saw that there was a thread for this every year so I decided to make one. How are everyone’s applications going?

going pretty well. which seminar are you trying to get into?

Im going for the science one what about you?

What are the stats of accepted applicants?

I’m applying for the Race in the 21st Century one.

I think in the past, the accepted applicants generally have activities that coincide with the seminar they are applying for. For numbers, I know a few guys who have gotten in with lower but generally they have around a 1450+ or 32-33+. GPA-wise, it kinda just depends. I would assume probably above a 4.0 weighted, at least. And then, of course, the activities, essays, and recommendations hold a substantial weight.

I applied with a 33 and a 4.0 what about you guys?

I am taking the act in february. hoping/ expecting for a 34.

Does anyone know what percentage of international students are in the program? I heard many kids come to improve their English skills?

I couldn’t find a percentage for international students, however Notre dame does like diversity- so I’d say a lot! I saw that if someone doesn’t attend an English speaking high school then they have to take tests to show they can speak English.

I applied with a pretty low SAT score of 1320, don’t do the ACT/ don’t know what that is haha and don’t have a GPA, although my guidance counsellor tried to figure it out but they thought the highest it could go was a 4.0, so I think my GPA is wrong lol.

Anyways best of luck to everyone!

are you guys all applying as international students. Im from the US

What is the chance with SAT 1410, Unweighted GPA 3.98, a lot of volunteering, leadership skills and I believe excellently written essays?

stats are kind of low but i guess it will come down to if your essays are really as good as you say they are

Any international students?

@KK2021 Yeah, from Canada myself. Hopefully, everyone here gets in! I applied for the environmental one as my first choice.

@ThatOnePigeon aw that’s class! I’ve Canadian friends and they’re the nicest people. Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

@KK2021 Haha thanks so much. Don’t come one often so didn’t see your message sorry. The application portal is gone now, so a bit stressed even though I am pretty certain I submitted.

Don’t freak out - you can always email them to ask if you’re super worried too! I doubt that that would affect your admissions chances.

Speaking of Canada, I’m also Canadian! Which province are you from?

@thinkingoffood I’m from BC myself, probably the most out of touch province haha. Are you applying to the ND program? If so which one?

Son applied. Did summer scholars last year and wondering if that will help or hinder the application for Leadership this year. Stats are 35ACT, 3.95UW GPA. School doesn’t rank. Really good extra currics/service lots in STEM. Can’t remember which track he applied to. Did Research computing in summer Scholars last year and I think he was looking for something to bring that full circle. Wish results would come out so we could work on the summer planning. LOL