Notre Dame Leadership Seminar 2021

I didn’t see any forum for 2021 applicants so I made one. It’s my first time applying this year and I’m applying for the Investing seminar.

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Thanks. I applied for Race in the 21st century. I’m wondering when they will make the decision and tell us the result.

I think results come out mid-March.

Yay I’m so happy someone finally made this! I applied for the global issues seminar. Fingers crossed we are in person

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Hi! I’m applying for the investing seminar too!

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I’m going for investing too!! Just submitted my app and am terrified

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I applied for global issues. It’s going to be very difficult, so I have no high hopes.

Are any of you also applying for the Summer Scholars program as well? I am concerned that if admissions officers see that you are willing to do a program that costs money, they are more likely to admit you to that program.

Do you guys think that admission will be harder or easier given that the pandemic will still be going on?

I don’t know if it will neccessarily be easier or harder, just different. I’m sure test scores like the SAT and ACT will be a little less important, since so many people haven’t had the opportunity to take them, but that’s just my guess

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I was thinking the same thing.

Much harder. For any given summer program, especially Notre Dame’s Leadership Seminar, far too many are going to apply with leisure and time availability.

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Congrats! I applied for investing too!

Hey everyone!! I was hoping someone would start a forum on this. I was supposed to take my psat in january but it got cancelled so I don’t think they’ll really look at test scores but I have heard that they really weigh in essays and such and perhaps they may weigh our other stats like grades in more but idk aaaa im so anxious bc decisions are less than a month away

omg i applied to that seminar as my first choice too! Def keeping my fingers crossed! Wishing you and everyone else the best of luck :slight_smile:

Did anyone get pinged for their mid-semester grades? :shamrock:

Yea I got that email today as well

Yes, I got that email asking about my first semester grade today

Yes, my daughter got an email today saying her first semester grades are “missing “. Does this mean they want to see her second quarter grades since her first would have been submitted by her counselor with the initial application?

Mine were on the original transcript uploaded, so I wasn’t sure if everyone received this message.