Notre Dame Leadership Seminar 2022

didn’t see a thread for this program yet : ) can anyone share their experience of what it was like?


Wow, this is a surprising empty thread, given how popular the program is.

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Which program did you guys apply to? I did the Environment one!

The global issues one

I applied for power of investing

I heard some people received emails asking about first semester transcripts last year. Did anyone get the email this year?

My first sem transcripts were sent with my original application

how do u send them updates? i got a pretty cool award and want to update them

I would assume an email maybe?

I applied for global issues

when do we hear back? does anyone have an estimate based on last year?

I received mine on March 19th last year! To everyone who has applied - best of luck. Mine was online and I still had a blast. I’m sure those lucky few will love it.

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On the website it says decisions come out 3/21

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Leadership Seminars admission decisions will be released via email by March 21; So the latest should be March 21. Cheers!

is it latest by March 21 or on march 21

Looks like on March 21

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Their website continues to say 21st… BUT they posted on Twitter on Thursday, less than 48 hours ago, that they are “Announcing Leadership Seminars 2022 admission decisions next week!”. The 21st is not next week, so either someone made a mistake, or they’ll be releasing results by Friday the 18th.

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thanks for updating us! super nervous for it to come out

Anyone sent any SAT/ ACT scores

I did!