Notre Dame or Colby?

<p>I want to do pre-med so I know both schools would be good for that. I've visited Colby but I never got the chance to visit ND because the trip would be really expensive for me. The problem with going to ND is that I'm Asian and I'm not Catholic, so I'd be a minority. I'd also have to pay 8k more to go to this school. So is going to ND worth it? I've heard amazing things about the school and almost everyone loves it. A lot of people have also said everyone is really nice there.</p>

<p>Any help would be greatly appreciated :)</p>

<p>Notre Dame is a great school! Not being Catholic is not a big deal - the presence is eerywhere but there are many non-catholics there and except for the required theology, your participation is not required. Obviously, if Colby is your other choice, weather is not a huge factor either! There is an Asian presence on campus - I'm not sure of the size, but it's not like you won't ever see another Asian. They have a great pre-med program with a high acceptance rate. I don't know much about Colby, but a lot of your decision needs to come down to whether you think you'll be happy at Colby or if you think you'll regret not going to ND. You might ask your admissions rep if they could put you in touch with some current students from your area and you could talk to/facebook/email them. Good luck with your decision!</p>

<p>You'd really choose Colby over ND???</p>

<p>i really don't see why such a decision would shock you like that myoneandonly. Certainly Notre Dame is recognized nationally and has the brand name, but the academic quality of both is extremely high. They are two VERY different schools, so that can be a big factor. And frankly, if you are choosing one school over another for the name, then I think you are choosing a school for the wrong reasons.</p>

<p>Trust me, I'm not "shocked.". Takes a little more than that to shock me. It's just that I would say the Asian population at both is, percentage-wise, probably comparable. My son's roommate this year was Asian and I do know they have a very active Asian student club. As for the academic quality, yes, no question a solid liberal arts education is offered at Colby -- but I'd have to give the edge to ND in terms of both academics and certainly, the overall college experience. They are both VERY different atmospheres. In terms of academic prestige, I'd have to give the nod to ND. While Colby is a known name in the NE area (I know, I'm from here), it just doesn't carry with it the name recognition, either nationally or internationally, that a degree from ND holds. At more than $50k a year for each of these schools, I'd want the most name recognition on that degree that I could get.</p>