Notre Dame-The School for me

<p>As I posted a few weeks back, I was coming back up to ND for a game. And this staying a whole weekend w/ a bunch of kids at the school definitely confirms it. Notre Dame is where I want to go to school. Does anybody really even need to list the reasons? Top academics, Christian (albeit Catholic) identiy, competitive sports, truly amazing students, traditions, the dorm system, the Notre Dame family. The list just goes on and on and on.</p>

<p>It must be the school for you, if you feel that way after THAT game (if it was the Michigan game that you went to.) My son is a sophomore at ND and every thing you say and feel is accurate. Did you go to the drum circle Friday midnight?</p>

<p>Boy, no kidding! My son is a sophomore, too, and had plenty of post-game analysis to share during our regular Sunday night chat. </p>

<p>Alumni of my generation know there is more to the university than football, as we were there during the Faustian era. Take the Michigan game, multiply by about 4 or 5 more times a season, and you have the early '80's... And yet it still was a wonderful place! As it is now.</p>

<p>Good thing is that I have much more confidence in Mr. Weis' ability to regroup than that of his mullet-era predecessor... :)</p>

<p>KSAzn... I feel the same way
I hope you get in!</p>

<p>Yeah I went to the MIchigan game. It was a TERRIBLE game by the football team but I STILL had lots of fun. I can only imagine how it's like when they win! Yeah, I went to drummer's circle. THAT was an experience!</p>