Notre Dame v. Wellesley College

<p>I plan on working in business, please help me out! I'm not sure which to pick!</p>

<p>Congratulations on your acceptance (I imagine) to these schools. They both would provide an excellent education and are very well thought of, though in totally different ways. Wellesley is of course the premier womens' college and a top LAC. Notre Dame, along with Georgetown, is the premier American Catholic University. The spirit and tradition of both schools would be very strong, but the different histories and emphases of these schools would mean that the personality would be totally different. In my opinion, your personal connection to your future student body is the most important part of the decision, and only you can make the choice of which one you are more comfortable with.</p>

<p>As far as business goes, I can really only speak for Notre Dame. Mendoza is a very strong program, and the people on this board love to brag that it was ranked number 1 by Businessweek. I know from an older sibling and her friends that young ND graduates are getting some tremendous opportunities in the business world, even top investment banking and private equity. I don't think you could go wrong with an ND undergrad business education.</p>

<p>Wellesley is a unique and well connected school, and I'm sure many of its graduates are also on impressive career paths.</p>

<p>All in all, I think the deciding factor for you will be personal fit, and not the strength of any particular programs.</p>

<p>I hope this helps, and good luck with your decision.</p>