Notre Dame vs Boston College vs Villanova vs Northeastern vs Baylor

These are 5 of my top schools. I have only heard back from one of them (Baylor), and got accepted. I cannot predict whether or not I will get into the others, but I just wanted to get some input on what these schools are like, and which ones may be the best fit. I just wanted to point out that cost will not be a factor with my family and I would prefer answers not based on location, as I love all these locations. Some things I look for:

  • Majoring in Statistics (or Mathematics) with an additional major/minor in Finance or Economics
  • I want to be a part of a choral group (preferably an a cappella group)
  • I want a school with amazing sports and school spirit
  • I do not want a party school. I may go to one here and there but I would prefer a school that is not a big party school
  • I want to go to a prestigious school, but I feel like my “competition” at Baylor would be way less than the others, which would improve my overall mentality

Based on these, which school(s) do you think would be the best fit for me, out of the 5 I listed?

Hi ncelotto. Funny, but my son is applying to almost that exact same list and for many of the same reasons. Northeastern being the exception, so I’ve never looked into it. I think that you would be happy at any of those schools. Out of all of them, I think that Baylor is my favorite. I think that it is an undiscovered gem that is becoming a very hot school and rising in prominence because the administration and alum are doing everything they can to do so. I have visited at least 20 campuses and it was by far the friendliest. Also, I think that the alumni connections are very strong, and not just in Texas. I have an older daughter at a highly selective university on the East coast and I can tell you that being truly happy on campus for the 4 years you are in college is a really important thing and something you should prioritize. If you are lucky enough to have a choice, really think about what will make you happy. Just a mom’s two cents!


I like BC or ND for econ and stats combo. BC now allows you to get a minor in econ or finance from the Carroll school if you want stats as a major in mcas. Both have less party atmosphere than most but none of your schools are party schools. No frats. But ND probably the more sedate. And no big city to enjoy or over enjoy for some.

Neu has the co op program which is nice for some. It’s also pretty serious school.

Villanova is great too.

If you want sports and campus life vs off campus. Bc and nd are best.

All great. Baylor is a bit of mystery to me but has a nice reputation

Notre Dame! Great school and awesome acapella group. Football team is pretty good too. Go Irish!!! :shamrock: 10-0

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I’m rootingfor ND despite my BC connections. Lol.

brother in law is a no grad and I’m a big fan of the school. Go Irish !