Notre Dame vs. Duke

<p>I need help!! I visited both and I like them both but I just don't know... a lot of people in my family went to Notre Dame and I always thought I was going to go there when I was younger, but now I don't know if I would want to do something different. I'm from the northeast, so they're about the same distance away. Also, I'm leaning towards studying something outside of science or math, and it seems Duke has a focus on those subjects. Notre Dame has offered me a whole lot more money then Duke. Any thoughts??</p>

<p>well, i was admitted to each schools as well, and i chose ND. I'm planning on majoring in chemical engineering at ND. Duke probably beats ND in undergrad education by a slim margin, but the quality of campus life and undergrad experience at ND beats Duke in a landslide (in my opinion). I personally am planning on going to grad school afterwards, so the education difference between ND and Duke is so small it doesnt even make a difference. I just love the school spirit and crazy alumni's from ND. I actually missed the school after i came home from the visit, i didn't miss Duke. There is a definite connection between the campus and students at ND, and there is a huge sense of pride. </p>

<p>Basically, it's a personal decision on where you think you will be happier the next 4 years.</p>

<p>What data are there that might be relevant to your decision? No doubt you've looked at the usual things: average SAT/ACT scores, rankings, etc. </p>

<p>But one important variable is the yield rate of the two schools. Duke's is reported as 42%. ND's is reported as 57%. That implies that Duke is a cross-application with top competitive schools, and when students get in those top competitive schools they tend to go to them rather than Duke. In turn, that suggests that some significant proportion of students who end up at Duke tend to be ones for whom Duke was in reality a second choice. ND students are more likely to have considered ND their first choice, and may thus may constitute a more powerfully loyal and positive student body at ND.</p>

<p>map279 - one thing about Duke if you are really thinking about what you need to focus on as a major, is that you will get an incredible amount of support in those non-science areas. My best friend's brother is majoring in something having to do with journalism/communications, and he already has internship and job offers. also, he is having the time of his life socially. campus is incredible. he actually wants to work for the university when he graduates, because he doesn't want to leave! also, a lot more people get into ND from our school, than Duke. Duke is definitely more status, at least where i am...good luck...</p>

<p>Peter. Stop trying to get in off the waitlist by discouraging these guys to choose ND! I admire your tenacity but not your tactics. You'll very likely get in if you do the things you've been told to do to get off that waitlist. We're all rooting for you.</p>

<p>docmom - so sorry you got that impression...i have already committed to another too concerned about tuition at ND. my comments were sincere and definitely not meant to discourage anyone. thanks for your support...</p>

<p>peter ... where will you be attending?</p>