Notre dame vs Princeton vs pepperdine

<p>Academics (science), athletics, atmosphere, location, diversity, tuition, dorms, religiousisness</p>

<p>Don't know much about pepperdine</p>

<p>ND: </p>

<p>Academics--excellent, science has gotten much stronger in last 10 years, new $70 million science center
Athletics--outstanding, needs no explanation
Atmosphere--very good, insane school spirit
Location--pretty bad
Diversity--many Asians, Jews and Hispanics have recently came due to many factors
Tuition--ridiculous just like every other top 20 school
Dorms--mostly no A/C, pretty bad overall, small and very old
Religion--high although not as catholic as it has been due to diversity</p>

Academics--outstanding of course
Athletics--very good but not as good as ND
Atmosphere--equally as snobby and preppy as ND, a bit more academic
Location--just fine
Diversity--Jews Jews Jews
Tuition--see above
Dorms--couldn't tell ya
Religion--high, many lapsed Jews and Catholics but still high because Princeton has a relatively conservative atmosphere</p>

<p>Are you from Minnesota?</p>

<p>On diversity, at least for undergrad Notre dame fares pretty poorly. I don't think there's much of a Jewish presence out of Law School and Asians are not represented as highly as any other top university.</p>

<p>On the other hand we're more politically balanced than Princeton (Conservative Ivy means far left but not quite Marxist)</p>

<p>Father Ted actually said he wanted to turn ND into the Catholic Princeton when he started the drive to make ND a major research university. (Maintain the undergrad focus)</p>

On the other hand we're more politically balanced than Princeton (Conservative Ivy means far left but not quite Marxist)


<p>BioDomer, that's false. I attend Princeton and have many friends who go to Notre Dame, being Catholic.</p>

<p>Princeton is very balanced. Most students have personal beliefs but don't discuss them or bring them up. A lot have identified themselves as moderate. But both the conservative camp and the liberal camp are very vocal. Yet at the same time, one not interested in politics can avoid them.</p>

<p>Princeton is NOT "far left." Even the professors cannot universally be described as such. If you are Catholic, you may have heard of Robert George -- a Princeton professor who has a large following in terms of professors, students, and grad students. Although the majority identify as moderate to liberal, it is by no means a vocal majority and not extreme.</p>

<p>sorry, I figured sice Dartmouth and Princeton were known as the conservative ivies they would be politically similar. I had a few freiends who turned down Dartmouth because they thought it was too liberal.</p>

<p>first off - p-ton is a perrenial top-5 school, and ND is a perrenial top-20 school. that isn't likely to change. so, there is that. </p>

<p>and yet, many do select ND over p-ton. why ?? mostly, i believe, it is the quality of the ungrad experience at ND. unique among elite schools, if it fits you then it is simply the best place on earth. there are too many intangibles to explain why this is. go to both, and see. i can say this, the prevailing atmosphere at ND is that the entire school is one big clique, if you will. it is all inclusive and supportive to a far greater degree. p-ton has a much more individually competitive vibe and culture. </p>

<p>location is widely overstated in the case of ND. i believe it more of a issue to people who are from more affluent areas. the campus is second to absolutely nobody, and many never leave its dream-like confines. </p>

<p>diversity . . . . . . ah, the topic of the age. i call them a wash. p-ton does better with a new-school superficial "faces-look-different" aspect of diversity. but, inner diversity ??? not so much ( i have a family mamber who does admissions work for p-ton ). personally, i find this sort of affirmative action style/definition of diversity offensive, and small. ND draws from a more diverse background of applicants, despite them having faces that look more the same. not as easy to see, but there nonetheless. not everybody will agree, obviously. </p>

<p>you would have to tour, to judge the dorms. i think the older ones at ND have incredible charm. personal taste. </p>

<p>pepperdine - well, it's in malibu. if you think malibu is your bag, then by all means go to freaking mailibu. why not ??</p>

<p>I've never heard of anyone picking ND over Princeton. I've heard Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Dartmouth, etc. but never Princeton. </p>

<p>I agree on the diversity thing, it seems to be a buzzword that's gotten out of hand. I almost wish they'd stop the admissions team from seeing names/gender and just select based on what they see in the application profile.</p>