Nov. SAT2 for EA??? TOEFL any good?

<p>does November SAT1/SAT2 score any good for EA??
or have anyone done that?
i need take SAT2 writing in nov. but application says it's too late.</p>

<p>I read MIT application and it says non-native english speaker can replace SAT1 and SAT2 writing score with TOEFL.. in contrast, TOEFL is only OPTIONAL on CIT application. in someway, can i say they want applicants with good english skills?
anyone knows what is average SAT1 verbal, SAT2 writing, or TOEFL scores for non-native english speakers in caltech??</p>


<p>The average score on the verbal, overall, is like 740 or so. I don't think I saw anyone with below a 640 or soverbal get admitted , though I could be wrong (that's SAT1), native speaker or not. If you can't communicate, you'll have a rough time.</p>


<p>thanks Galen, i guess i CAN communicate, but SAT verbal question is just awkward. (like i have to know a name of young pig..)</p>

<p>does anyone know how is TOFLE seen by CIT (non-native english speaker with low verbal score) ??</p>

<p>I guess I can answer this, since as an international student, I was obliged to take the TOEFL. Ok, so first of all YOU HAVE TO TAKE SAT I and II. Even if they're not strictly required, do take them just to show that you're making an effort. The TOEFL is so useless. They make you pay 100 bucks and you have to answer questions that anyone that can barely speak English could probably answer. It's been designed for international students who can't speak much of English. And I'm sure you would have no problem with it either if you're able to post on these forums. Which makes the TOEFL absolutely worthless. Having a good TOEFL does NOT mean you have "good english skills". As for average verbal SATs, I would probably place them in the beginning of the 700 range.</p>

<p>actually the toefl is 120 bucks. and 15 bucks for each additional score report. Its thoroughly useless. But if you have to take it, then you just have to. i did.</p>