Nova Southeastern (NSU) 7-year BS/DO

Hi everyone,

I applied to the BS/DO 7 year program at Nova Southeastern University.

Just want to hear your input on the program and the university.

Also, anyone else apply for the program?

Hey! I applied there as well can’t wait for invitations to be sent out! If anyone’s gotten their invitations already please let us know! I talked to my NSU counselor last week and he said our applications our currently under review and decisions should be made soon.

Hey guys! I applied as well. I was also told that invitations will be sent out soon, I think mid February. However I already did get invited to apply for a full ride scholarship though. Anyone else?

I emailed the director and she emailed me back saying I got an interview for the BS/DO as well

Hey @nealpatel11 , I am actually in the same boat as you. My interview date is set for March 10 -12 what about you?

I already had my interview about 2 weeks ago

Nice, if you don’t mind me asking how was it? Is the interview and everything pretty relaxed or uptight?

The interview was pretty relaxed, and a great time. Just be yourself and you should be fine. I just got accepted today!

Hey @nealpatel11 i was wondering what some interview questions they asked were and also how long was the interview? I’m really stressing out and I’d appreciate if you could help me out. Also @Mo1zikon im headed there next week too hope to see you there!!

I don’t know if I’m at liberty to give specific details as everyone should have an equal chance, but my interview was a group interview, and it was approximately 1.5 hours.

oh okay and also how was your stay in the dorm lol because ill be staying in the dorm during my stay there next week, that is if you did stay in the dorm with a student.

also btw was the full ride scholarship and d.o interview 2 separate interviews? And if u dont mind me asking did you get the scholarship too @nealpatel11 ? Thanks

yes they were separate interviews, scholarship decisions have not been released as of now, so I’m still waiting

also I did not stay in a dorm, but everyone that i talked to that did, loved it!

First, congratulations @nealpatel11 ! Does that mean they generally decide about 2 weeks after the interview? And by group interview do you mean like you and 2 or 3 interviewers in the room? And @pakidoc124 hope to see you over the weekend as well then!
And does anyone know if it’s true that they only select 75 applicants out of 1,900?

Hey yeah I spoke to the Director of Admissions in person a few months ago and she told me that 25 people are actually accepted for the 7 and 8 year programs. I guess 75 are invitied to interview. :confused:

@Mo1zikon am I the only one who overprepared for that darn D.O interview??

@pakidoc124 Hey I have my interview this weekend, and I was wondering how the format was for the do program and for the scholarship. Does group interview mean you are with a group of other students and a few interviewers all in the same room? Or is it just you with a group of interviewers? And do they ask about past research and stuff? Thanks a lot.

it was just a tour of the place. there was no interview whatsoever.

Ya for some reason I don’t believe thats the case.