Nova Southeastern University Dual Admission Program Osteopathic Medicine INTERVIEW!!

@Momofsharon Congrats to your daughter! I actually really like it at NSU. The atmosphere is amazing and everyone is always willing to help. I know at other competitive schools, students basically compete for scores but here we all help each other to succeed. That was something I was worried about bc I’ve heard many horror stories but was relieved after I came down. I also love the small classes bc it helps with forming relationships with professors and makes it easy to reach out for research opportunities. I acquired two different research opportunities just by talking to my professors. I honestly don’t have a lot of complaints but I guess some people’s concern is how reputable NSUs undergrad college is and many look down upon it. To me though I love having a sense of safety especially because it has become so competitive. I have friends that even with pretty competitive stats failed to get into med schools. And NSUs med schools are very good too so it’s the best of both worlds.

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Thank you so much for the response. All the best.

Hi! I’m also interviewing for the presidential scholarship, dual osteopathic medicine, and honors college. Would you please share the questions that were asked?

@doctortobe13 Can you please explain why the students are falling behind in meeting the requirements? Any idea what percent of students apply out and get accepted by other Medical schools?

Hi! There is actually no interview for the Honors College, it is just a welcome and info session and after you attend you send an application. As for the interviews itself, I do not remember exactly what I was asked but I remember the presidential interview was more of your basic interview (getting to know you as a person, goals etc.). The dual do interview was a bit different in a group setting, asked more medical related questions. Overall, I would say it wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be, fairly simple questions. Good luck!

Hi! A lot of students just fall behind the first couple of semesters as they’re still getting used to college. It’s very common for freshman but the first time you go below the gpa, you get put on probation. Personally I did not have any problem with that so it really depends on the individual. I don’t know the percentage but I know a good amount of people apply out just because they have the opportunity to since the dual program is not binding. Some people choose to go out and some people stay.


Did you finish your interviews and if so could you please provide the questions you were asked for the DO interview.

So glad you’re liking it there, could I ask what you’re majoring in?

Wow! Where did you get that statistics?

So, bsdo and presidential scholarship interviews are by invitation only, correct?