Nova Southeastern University Dual Admission Program Osteopathic Medicine INTERVIEW!!

Hi! I have my interview for the NSU dual osteopathic medicine scheduled next month and am looking for some insight!! If you or you know of someone who interviewed and got in please share the experience and the questions they asked!! Also I kept hearing that if you got an interview you have a good chance of getting in, is this true?

I have a presidential scholarship interview, razor’s edge research interview, and the honors college interview on the same day as the dual admission interview! If you interviewed for these other interviews also let me know!!


@doctortobe13 , did you finish your interviews? if you are planning for feb interview, best of luck .

@lightshock23 Thanks and yes i interviewed last week. I was going to do it in February but I heard it is better to interview early so I changed the day.

why would it be better?

Because I heard they take more people in the earlier interviews becuase they have room and as the last couple interviews go on there isn’t as much room anymore so I chose to move it up. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true, it was just something I wanted to do


Lmk the decision.

I heard back from them 3.5 weeks ago! I got into the program and had the choice of doing 7 or 8 year and i went with 8 year because I heard a lot of people who did 7 year switch to 8 year because they didn’t feel prepared to take the MCAT


Dude, I got into the D.O. program too (I went to Shark Preview on Feb. 16)! I also ended up with the 72,000 scholarship and a razor’s edge scholarship as well. I hoping it’ll be at least a tad bit more affordable for me. Is there any advice anybody can give me for this program?

@Angelin3073 that’s great!! Did you do 7 or 8 year? Hope to you next year :slight_smile:

congrats!! Do you the ratio of people who get invited for the interview and how many of the people interviewed make it into the program?

@medgirl2020 So about 8000 people applied for the program and 300 were called to interview and 237 were selected for the program. So basically if you get invited for the interview and you do pretty solid you will get in


237 seems a very high number since they don’t have that many total seats per year in their DO program. Does this mean many of these 237 kids somehow don’t make it to their DO program within the same year ?


@helperdad I was talking to people who are in the program and last year about 200 people got in. I heard they weed people out in the 4 years because they don’t meet requirements and some drop out because they do not want to do medicine.

@medgirl2020 makes sense and good luck.

My guess is about 50 to 70 folks from this cohort will eventually make it

@helperdad what @medgirl2020 said is correct, as a student in the program right now, I have noticed people falling behind in meeting the requirements as they get caught up in college life. But I am doing very well and I think it is easy to maintain the gpa if you do not get distracted. Also, the reason the number of students selected for the program is high, and not all of these students go on to NSU’s med school is because some people decide to apply out. The program is nonbinding so it is possible to apply out and some students decide to do this to try to get into MD schools, though NSU’s medical school is very good. I hope this helps!

My daughter is going for Bs/do and the presidential scholar interview next month, any insight on how the interview process will be and any tips on how she should be prepared. Of course it is going to be virtual so more tensed about it. Thank you

Hi @Momofsharon! I am so sorry, I am just now seeing your reply. I hope your daughter’s interview went well!

No worries All went well, she got in to the DO program. She is still not committed waiting to hear back from few more colleges. How do you like it there? What are pros and cons you could give any would be helpful. Thank you so much for getting back.