*** November 2013 - Chemistry***

<p>So what'd you guys think?</p>

<p>I left a bunch of questions at the end blank… didn’t have time to get to them. There were a couple of Le Chatelier’s principle problems that were tough, but can’t remember specifics. I know that Na+, Ne, and F- are isoelectronic, O2 and O3 are allotropes, N2 is triple bonded, and that Fe2+ oxidizes to form Fe3+. What lab apparatus is used to separate H2 gas and HCl gas?</p>

<p>The one with the tubes and liquid at the bottom</p>

<p>I thought it was a bit harder than usual. Then again I didn’t study much so I’m only expecting a 700. A 700 would be fantastic.</p>

<p>Anyone get the one where they said Ba(SO2) was aqueous? It was a roman numeral question with
I) Ba2+
III) NO3 (I think)
It said something about solubility but I though Barium sulfate was solid in water. That’s what threw me off.</p>

<p>I despise this test so much–I know all the material I just don’t have time at all to finish. I had 2 TTCE’s.</p>

<p>I had 4 TTCE’s</p>

<p>@Medicalboy: the right answers should be I and II.</p>


<p>Yay! I also had 2 TTCE’s and I thought that was unusually low for a test. I also got a ton of F,T in my answers. :/</p>

<p>For the one where you had to balance a bunch of nitrate stuff in acidic solution, did you get the coefficient as 1 for NO2-?</p>

<p>Also, for the one question in the beginning (before the TTCE section) about what causes the greenhouse effect (what is emitted from the earth), what did you guys choose? I left that one blank because I was trying to debate between infrared or UV… I did choose UV for the sun though.</p>

<p>If I skipped 8 or 9, can I still get an 800 if I get everything else right?</p>

<p>Also, did you guys put density for the property in liquids that decreases as temperature increases?</p>

<p>I put density for that @avesman!</p>

<p>God I hated that test. I was hoping for an 800 but now I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get mid to low 700</p>

<p>@mitswirl: Yeah. 1 for NO2-.
@funky: I put density too</p>

<p>@avesman, you can only miss 3-4 to get an 800 I believe. Generally it’s an 800 if your raw score is above 79</p>

<p>I might sign up now for the test in december in case I get a bad score.</p>

<p>Ughh! I left like 10-12 blank and had to make educated guesses on a good handful of the one’s I did answer! Hopefully the curve will be low enough to at least get a 700. THAT TIME LIMIT KILLS! I feel I spent an appropriate amount of time on each Q and still had about 6 left when time was called (the other 4-6 i left blank were bc I had zero clue what they were). As long as I get around a 650 I’ll be happy.</p>

<p>yep! density</p>

<p>OK seriously I know I could have done better but I lost track of time and skipped 6-8 questions at the end, which is incredibly frustrating. I guess I’ll be retaking it then in December…</p>

<p>Does anyone remember the three questions as part of the first section that asked about separating substances? I completely guessed on them>.<</p>


<p>I remember one of them was separating powdered/crushed Fe and Cu. I chose the magnet for that one because Fe is magnetic and Cu is not.</p>

<p>Another one was separating H2 gas and NH3 gas. For that one I chose the “E” setup (the one with an upside down jar in water) because H2 doesn’t dissolve in water while NH3 does (since it’s polar). So H2 would rise to above the water level in the jar, while the NH3 would be dissolved in the water.</p>

<p>I forgot what the 3rd question was but I do remember that I also selected “E” for that one.</p>