November SAT B Thread?

<p>Guess there are two tests this year???</p>

<p>For the test I had, I had a section of crtical reading where there were two short passages that were exactly the same from the college board online course.</p>

<p>The passages were about boys flattering and chasing the girl, and the properties of glass blowing or something like that.</p>

<p>Also, did anyone also have a CR section about an boy who runs in a 800 dash and tries to get attention of his father.</p>

<p>I then had a test about negative campaigning</p>

<p>reserve lands about animals</p>

<p>tectonic plates </p>

<p>any more???</p>

<p>Yeha, i didnt have the reserve lands and animals, but instead had something about a marriage. I assume these were experimental?</p>