November SAT I Math Question

<p>Did anyone, besides me, have the problem with the four character code on grid-in? It was on experimental and it seems no one had the question. I just found it rather intriguing. Also, if you did have it, did you get 2400?
Thanks, Centurian</p>

<p>what was the question. I remember putting a couple of answers for the grid in but i dont remember what the questions were. here were my answeres: 141, 2400, 20.9</p>

<p>Amirali is thinking of the children and adult sum, a different question. I don't know about that code question, it was experimental and I didn't have it.</p>

<p>The question was more or less like this:</p>

<p>A code _ _ _ _ consists of two letters and two numbers. If repeating characters is not allowed, how many separate codes can be made choosing from the sets {A,B,C,D,E} and {1,2,3,4,5}</p>

<p>That must have been experimental.<br>
It's just a question dealing with combinations, isn't it?.. I quickly did it and got 160, but it's probably wrong because I didn't really care to think.</p>

<p>I think:
6 ways of picking the order (number/letter):
Then 5<em>4</em>5<em>4=400 ways of picking the actual numbers and letters.
So 6</em>400=2400.</p>