Now an official Smith parent...

<p>Aw, for Father's Day, D sent me a "Smith College Dad" hat.</p>

<p>Just in time to wear to the local Smith Club summer meeting/swim party next weekend.</p>

<p>Fwiw, it's nicely made, nicely embroidered high-quality hat.</p>

<p>TheDad, who has an eye for these things</p>

<p>Though now that I think of it, it should really be in official Smith
colors, white & blue, not black with gold text and white piping.</p>

<p>Happy Father's Day TD!</p>

<p>One of the first things my Dad bought on the first parent's weekend was a Smith College window sticker to put on his car window (right underneath the one from my brother's college!) </p>

<p>Happy Father's Day to all.</p>

<p>It takes a hat to make you official???!!! Sheesh. All anyone has to do is read your posts. :)</p>

<p>I hope you had a happy Father's Day!</p>


<p>When I visited in April and knew Smith would be my home, I bought two stickers for my parents cars. That's how they became "official"..but my dad wants a hoodie still, so we're working on it :D</p>

<p>They're almost as excited as I am</p>

<p>D and I have the stickers too, louise :) Mine is right between the Colgate and Stevens stickers for her older siblings. I was very happy to scrape off her Brooklyn College sticker <em>lmao</em></p>

<p>I will look for more Smithie-wear when we arrive at the end of August!</p>

<p>Happy father's day!</p>

<p>My dad (formerly not fond of Smith) is almost more pumped about Smith than I am!</p>

<p>Pickupsticks, I'm glad to hear your dad has come around! What tipped the scales for him?</p>