Now counting freshman year?

<p>I'm a rising senior with a terrible Freshman year GPA. I have good SATs, and good GPA Junior year and OK GPA sophomore year. I wanted to apply to michigan as a reach. A friend just told me that michigan is going to be counting freshman GPAs now as of this coming admissions season. Is this true?</p>

<p>yes. You should still apply though. Michigan likes to see rising grades. Essays are quite important and you can explain why your grades are lower your first two years and how you've worked to better yourself.</p>

<p>damn. Why are they doing this ?</p>

<p>they're doing this to expedite admission decisions due to the growth of college applications over the years</p>

"damn. Why are they doing this ?"
why wouldn't they do this?
you were in high school at the time so they should count it?
freshman year shows the kind of student you are and shows that you can make the transition to a more hostile environment</p>

<p>GO FOR IT!!! :-) Just make sure you write amazing, creative essays. Make sure your passion and desire for Umich shines through. Visiting the school wouldn't hurt, either. Oh, and don't worry about frosh year, especially if you've improved since then. Colleges love improvement. Best of luck!!! </p>

<p>BTW, could you define "terrible"? I'm not sure how to take that term on a place like CC! ;-)</p>

<p>'s actually terrible, not "CC Terrible" ! I didn't try in school at all until halfway through my sophomore year, so I had a 2.8 freshman year, about a 3.2 sophomore year, and a 3.7 Junior year (First year fully trying). I got a 1910 on my SATS and I may retake again to try to break 2000.</p>

<p>Definitly try applying, and definitly break 2000 on SAT. The average SAT score at Umich is around 2000, and average ACT is around 29.</p>

<p>Why did you start trying Junior year? If you figure out the reason, this would be a good topic for your essay . (:
And definately apply!</p>

<p>are you instate?</p>