Now Help Me Plan

<p>my college road trip. Will most likely be heading up to Bowdoin and Colby via Boston.</p>

<p>I HATE almost everything about Boston, except for cream doughnuts and clam chowder. However, my parents are insisting that I visit colleges up there because it's on the way and it's such a great college town. I'd like to know which ones I should be looking at if I had time for, let's say, two of them.</p>

<p>-I don't want a party school. It can have a party scene, but the more out of the way it is, the better.</p>

<p>-I don't want an ultraliberal school like Brown or Yale. I just wouldn't fit in with all the hippies and socialists :)</p>

<p>-I really love schools with a traditional campus feel...the more the campus looks like University of Virginia (the ideal campus, in my opinion) the better</p>

<p>-Prospective Economics/Environmental Studies (or practice, or policy) double major</p>

<p>Wow. Nobody has any advice? I thought it was an easy question...</p>

<p>2-iron, not sure but what about Ct College?</p>