now that we are going to Miami -

<p>what schools did you turn down to go to Miami?</p>

<p>me - Illinois, Michigan, Texas and Wisc</p>

<p>for me:</p>

<p>UT Austin, Tulane, SMU, Maryland, VA Tech, Purdue</p>

<p>for my son:</p>

<p>Green Mountain college --a full ride scholarship
Ithaca College--A 7K leadership scholarship and acceptance into the Park School of Comm.
SUNY Binghampton, New Paltz and Stonybrook (Scholar of distinction and 2K)
FSU-100 percent Bright Futures Schol. Leadership schol and 9600 acad. schol.
Rollins College- 20K schol. and free computer
Hampshire College (where he really would have loved to go) 12, 500 in schol.
Bard College-5K in scholarship
Jacksonville Univ. --almost a free ride, but we did not visit this school, nor do we know anything about it. they recruited son... </p>

<p>It was difficult to give up many of the above schools, but we hope that Umiami will be the best fit. He picked it because of the comm. program and anthropology dept. and the ability to double major in both. It was also so very helpful to hear from all of you on this site, thanks for soo much support and good insightful comments when we posted our concerns. Umiami consistently had such positive postings!! His top choices were Hampshire and Bard, but it was too expensive--thank you Florida Bright Future Scholarship Program for allowing kids some kind of financial break!!
UMiami =50% schol. and Bright Futures money.</p>

<p>Good luck and congrats to all</p>

<p>Tulane, U of Arizona, U of Central Florida, U of Colorado, Towson, U of Washington, SUNY Albany and New Paltz.</p>

<p>I think that's all.</p>

<p>My D turned down:
America U Honors, Ithaca, Marist, Penn State & Syracuse. She is on the waitlist at NYU, btu will turn them down even if she gets accepted. She is so looking forward to U of M.</p>


<p>S turned down:
SMU Honors Engineering w/$18K/year scholarship
USC Engineering (No money offered knocked them out)
Stanford (No money offered knocked them out)
University of Colorado Engineering (In State, offerd $7K/year scholarship)
UNC- Chapel Hill- Waitlisted then accepted, no money, turned them down</p>

<p>My son turned down:
UC Berkeley
RPI/Albany 7-year physician-scientist program

<p>He is wait listed at Yale</p>

st johns
SUNY Stony</p>

<p>I want to congratulate everyone, there are some really impressive schools on these lists. Looks like U of Miami class of 2010 is going to be filled with some really smart cookies!!!! Good luck everyone.</p>

<p>University of Richmond, Penn State, Villanova, University of Georgia, George Washington.</p>

<p>I turned down Villanova, Bentley, Babson, Uconn, Fairfield, BU, Northeastern</p>