Now that you're in, how are you going to pay for it?

<p>I'm curious. I need answers</p>

<p>Financial Aid will helps but not a lot.
I don't know if its possible to get a job and maintain grades at the same time.
If i get loans, which one should I get, can anyone direct me to a website with a good deal?
I remember watching in high school this guy who couldn't get a job because his college loans ruined him financially and he was at the top of his class.</p>

<p>do you qualify for the Blue and Gold opportunity? If so, that covers a lot...otherwise take out a loan...</p>

<p>As for me, I don't qualify for FA and parents are bank rolling me...</p>

<p>Blue and Gold for me.</p>

<p>parents and education savings account</p>

<p>"I don't know if its possible to get a job and maintain grades at the same time."</p>

<p>with our earning capacity as low as it is, why put yourself through hell for a few thousand bucks... </p>

<p>i plan on doing work study.. they gave me $3,000 dollars worth.</p>

<p>15k in gift aid. for the rest, i've applied for a few scholarships. i'll also be taking out loans, but hopefully not too much. also, with my summer job, i should make an easy $2,500.</p>

<p>I'm taking out 66k in loans for 3 years. Anyone think that's a bad idea? I get mixed responses...</p>

<p>what is blue and gold?</p>

<p>Working while I'm at UCLA.</p>

<p>I'd rather not rack up 100k+ in loans. I know many people that can't buy houses at 35 years old because of law school debt. Unless you're going to make 150k/year out of school, it's probably a bad idea.</p>

<p> is a good site for comparing loans. but yeah, i have a few pretty pennies saved but i plan to use loans.</p>

<p>Blue & Gold here too. </p>

<p>I stress out too easily, or else I would probably get a job. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>loan through sun trust. 6.5% deferred</p>

<p>I don't know. Begging?</p>

<p>My parents are paying for most of it, but I might have a few thousand that I need to take out on a private loan. My dad said he could fix me up with a 5% interest rate, but that may have simply been on his Capitol One card. I'm also going to do scholarships like crazy all summer. But mostly begging.</p>

<p>Pinker: do you realize that work study is not getting paid to study? You're going to basically have a job and work the hours needed to get up to your $3,000.</p>

<p>And how are you all counting on Blue and Gold if that doesn't come out until late fall? You're going to need to take out loans for the fall semester at the very least if you don't have everything you need before then.</p>

<p>Well, I'm hoping to work full-time in the summer (most likely I'll have to work two jobs to pull that off) so I can pay off my car/credit card and not worry about THOSE payments (which are killer because financial aid does not factor that in). I'm going to do work study and take out loans, which are $7,500 so far... I'm hoping for another $2,000 in scholarships. </p>

<p>Wanna know something that's a bummer? You can't add outside scholarship money on top of the amount the school believes you need for the year... they just deduct it from your aid (loans/work study go first). So, it's great if you can get enough to cover your (and your parent's) loans, but after that it just eats into your grant aid. And the school's estimates of expenses are on the low eating-ramen-noodles end. So having to work part-time may actually be a necessity if you want to truly get by. But we'll see... and everyone chill out about taking loans. It's better than holding down a job and screwing your grades.</p>

<p>I have money in savings if it's really needed. I don't want any loans for this.</p>

<p>Sopheee-- I totally understand where you're coming from. It's like the system is made to antagonize students, almost. I applied for other scholarships and worked hard to be competitive for them...all for just have them cut into my grant aid?</p>

<p>And then as you said, the COA is like the low-end, triple, one-meal-a-day estimate, and buying-your-books-for-half-off-with-writing-in-them-on-amazon.</p>

<p>Sophee, with whom are you getting your loans? The problem for me is that I KNOW I am going to need more than I can max out at per Cal's estimates (about $23,000) but I don't have credit so I can't take out any loans. :( :(</p>

<p>I have simply made peace with the fact that I am going to have to take out loans. Here is my line of thinking:</p>

<li> I didn't work my butt off at CC to give up now. </li>
<li> There is no way that I am going to be able to afford a house until I am old and grey (if ever) so I am taking out loans as a "down payment" on my career. </li>
<li> People buy cars on avg. every 5-7 years. I have no problem driving my 2001 Honda Accord around for the next 10 years until it literally dies on me (or catches fire, whichever comes first). </li>
<li> Most people that have a college dergree have student loan debt. It's not the end of the world...really. Just be responsible in other areas of your life and everything will work out in the end. :-)</li>

<p>I totally understand, but as I said, I don't have credit. Suze Orman always says the best debt is college debt. Everyone has debt, and debt from education is the best kind of debt. I am probably not gonna even have a car since I'll be living in cities with awesome public transportation. And I mean, it's only two years also which is relatively NOTHING compared to some of the debt students know what I mean? </p>

<p>We have it GOOD.</p>

<p>My (brilliant) west civ. teacher attended UCLA and told me she lived by crashing on people's couches or house-sitting (but this was in the seventies). She also recommended I attend any and all free history seminars so I can eat something while making my professors believe I give a crap hahaha.</p>

<p>She also told the class most of us will not be able to afford homes for a long time anyways. Most people who are able to afford a home do so off their parent's wealth. Since most of our parents have gotten royally screwed these past couple of years, we're going to be renters for awhiiiiile.</p>

<p>And my Corolla better hang in there until I'm finished with grad school...</p>

<p>i looked on for a 70,000 loan, and it states that around 500.00 each month the year after i graduate for 20 years with a total 120000 owe to the loaner. is that right? that much over 20 years?</p>