Now Watch Me DUUUUUUUUUUUke (Chances Please)

<p>Can you please evaluate my chances at Duke? Thanks.</p>

<p>Applying Trinity RD
White male
Single-parent household</p>

<p>ACT: 35
E 34
M 35
R 35
S 34
essay 11</p>

<p>SAT II (not submitting)
Math II: 780
Chem: 760
U.S. His: 780</p>

<p>I'm a rising senior at public h.s. in Michigan, but it's like one of the best h.s.'s in Mich. overall. Great at tennis. 4 Year Varsity player. Have won 4 state championships (we've won every year). Soph/Junior have won individual state championship at 2 Doubles, undefeated, and first team all-state. This year I was a captain and unfortunately lost a heartbreaking match in the State Finals at 1 Doubles, however the team won the overall state championship and I got my 3rd first-team all state so its all good. I've been ranked 1 in S.E. Mich (strong division b/c all of rich people in Detroit Suburbs) in 10 & Under, and 2 for 12 & Under and 14 & Under.</p>

<p>I think my essays are pretty good, (like everyone else, lol)</p>

<p>Expecting great recs.</p>

<p>I've already done my interview and (like everyone else probably) felt it went very well.</p>

<p>3.97 out of 4 GPA unweighted, taking the hardest schedule possible basically, school doesn't do rank but obviously I'd be up there. I got a B+/A- 1st/2nd semester of 9th grade intensive English, and A- 1st semester of 10th grade Intensive English. These were hard classes. Other than that I've gotten all A's, really improved my English since then. Grades are looking pretty good, probably straight A's this semester</p>

<p>Junior Year: AP US His (5 on AP Test)
AP Chem (5 on AP Test)
Accelerated Math Analysis
AP English (5 on AP Test)
Accelerated Spanish 4
(AP Chemistry Lab)</p>

<p>this yr I'm taking:
AP Physics
AP Bio
AP U.S. Gov
AP Spanish
AP English (corresponds to AP Lit test)
BC Calc
Philosophy (not AP but sounds interesting)</p>

<p>Other ECs are a little lacking, they're OK:
Football (freshman team): 9th grade, Captain, got to go to varsity practice during their playoffs with a few other freshman, earned the "Coach's Award" for exemplary leadership, setting a good model.
Student Council Representative (9th grade)
Spanish Honor Society (10, 11, 12)
National Honor Society (11, 12)
Key Club (9, 10, 11, 12)
Do some volunteer work but no a whole lot, like 150 hrs.
National Chemistry Olympiad (11): only like 10 people from our region made it, this was a good accomplishment.
Played a bunch of other sports at younger ages but focused on tennis
National Merit Semifinalist</p>

<p>Stanford Summer College 2007
Intro to Moral Phil: A+
Affective Neuroscience: A
Psych of Peak Performance: A</p>

<p>Basically I'd do a lot more stuff but tennis can be a huge time commitment, I said 28 hrs a week during h.s. season, a little less when I'm playing tournaments and practicing during school year, and sometimes 30+ during summer, not to mention all the travel time for tournys and how tiring it is.</p>

<p>So, can youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu give me any input on my RD chances at Trinity? It will all be very much appreciated.</p>

<p>I'd say your chances are excellent. Very impressive stats, so as long as your essays and recs are strong, I'd say you are in. </p>

<p>You planning on playing tennis at Duke? What are you ranked in the nation? I'm also from the Midwest and played a lot of tennis - made the closed every year, borderline clay court player, not nearly good enough to make it to supernats at the zoo. If you were all-state every year, I'd assume you are top 25 or so in the Midwest. You still play USTA tournies? It seems odd that the last ranking you mentioned was 14s....considering you are now 18. I actually stopped playing tournies my sr yr since I knew I wasn't going to play in college and it was getting expensive. </p>

<p>Obviously you aren't being actively recruited by Duke - otherwise you would have mentioned that. I know a bunch of people who have tried to walk on to varsity or did so successfully; it's pretty competitive though. I know of two guys who transferred b/c they couldn't make it - to Cornell and UCSD. Obviously, Duke is consistently ranked among the top 10 tennis teams in the nation, so it's tough. And the walk-on that I know that did "make it," was never even on the roster, didn't receive free stuff or anything. He just got to practice a bunch - never actually played a match. </p>

<p>Club tennis is pretty good though. We play about 4-5 matches a semester vs other area teams and travel a bit. Very laid back, though, but some good players. Practice is like twice a week and completely optional. Get indoor courts in the winter. Let me know if you have any tennis questions. The women's tennis team is also the hottest on campus although a bunch of them just graduated.</p>

<p>Yeah I used to be in the top 25, did the closed and open and designateds etc. back in the day, not anymore tho, I've kind of focused on high school tennis and my dubs for the past couple of yrs instead of singles. My national rankings were never that high, my relative success peaked when I was younger for many other reasons also (numerous bad injurious, advantages I had at a young age became less pronounced, etc) This past summer I went out to Stanford for their summer session instead of doing my usual tourny a weekend regimen, and I've kind of focused on other things besides rankings, so I can I'm in kind of same boat as you were, as I'm not really rich. I doubt I'm good enough to play for Duke, I just kind of assumed I wouldn't make their team. Club is something I'm def. interested in. I've gotten to the point where I play a pretty high level in Doubles. Do you practice on indoor courts at Duke? </p>

<p>First I'm focusing on getting in before I decide what I'm going to do w/ tennis. Thanks for all the info. If you don't mind me asking what district were you from?</p>

<p>why aren't you submitting your satII scores?</p>

<p>I'm from Chicago. Ya, we play indoors on campus during the winter. They have 6 very nice indoor courts right next to Kville. It's the Sheffield Tennis Center. My sister was President of the Umich club tennis team too - so I can give you insight into that....but don't know if you are applying there, just guessing since you are from A^2 and your name is goblue. Tough loss last weekend....I went to the Rose Bowl in '98.</p>

<p>Yeah I've already been accepted into U of M but I doubt I'll go there unless I get denied by everywhere I'm applying. I just looked at a tennis recruiting website and the kids who play for Duke are WAY better than me. The Sheffield Center looks like it has a nice location on campus though. And yeah, I was at the game despite it being like 30 degrees and constantly raining. It was by far the worst Michigan game I've ever witnessed. I would still have to adjust going to a school where the focus in on basketball over football.</p>

<p>I'm not submitting SAT Dos's b/c Duke says they want SAT I and IIs OR the ACT, and I did really good on ACT. Why do you think I should submit the SAT's also?</p>

<p>your SAT II's are pretty good. although your ACT is too. everything is hah. i think your in at Duke</p>

<p>*I meant to say I did "well." so Yeah the 35 is legit.</p>

<p>I'm from Michigan too, and like most people from Michigan, I took the ACT instead of the SAT. I took the SAT II also and got a 790 on Math 2C so I submitted that because it can't hurt. Do you go to Huron?</p>

<p>No I go to Pihi.</p>

<p>bump (anyone else want to assess my chances...?)</p>

<p>Yeah, the Admission Committee. What are you waiting? Apply!</p>

<p>are you applying to other schools?
how is duke compare to brown,princeton and harvard?</p>

<p>Oh it's Soulja Boy.</p>

<p>I just got it.</p>

<p>mad: yeah, lol, looks like your the first person to get it.</p>

<p>bo: out of the 3 schools mentioned I'm applying to Harvard and Princeton.</p>

<p>714: yeah, I've already sent my app in, I was wondering if anyone else here could give me more chance input (or in other words...BUMP)</p>

<p>oh by the way Michigan's basketball team is going to play Duke in a week, can't go, Duke should destroy them, lol Michigan just lost to Harvard.</p>

<p>sorry to bump this but I'm getting pretty nervous and I'd like to see anyone elses input, thanks.</p>

<p>just wait til tuesday, its coming fast. go play outside or something. time flies when you're having fun.</p>

<p>GET CRUNKKK you'll be doing plenty at duke anyway</p>

<p>I knew it was Soulja Boy right away. :) That's the black in me.. Umm, great chances. :) Suerte!</p>

<p>lol go paint eggs</p>