Now we wait until November 15 for TAG decisions to come out.

<p>(At least for UCD TAG applicants)</p>

<p>T-44 Days Left</p>

<p>I'm here with you!</p>

<p>BUT! been eyeing UCSD verrrrrrrry hard lately.
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<p>OH p.s., i heard they can come out anywhere between 11/1-11/15</p>

<p>^^UCKittychen, have you seen UCSB?! Their campus is right on the beach and they privately own it too! The dorm is right next to the beach </p>

<p>360</a> view of Manzanita Village at UCSB - YouTube</p>

<p>are people really anxious about TAG decisions? I mean if your GPA is over the requirement, there really isn't much to be any worrying going on right?</p>

<p>^^Yes, as long as you meet their minimum requirements you should be accepted. But people are just anticipating that date to know the results</p>

<p>its still nice to know rather than just "pre-judging" based upon "the obvious". as people still have the ability to get rejected by TAG.</p>

<p>T-43 </p>


<p>It's a relief to finally have that TAG accepted. Knowing that you're going to go to a school as good as SB or Davis (compared to CCC) is such a relief. My best friend just Tagged to Davis.</p>

<p>I'm excited for you guys!</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>


<p>Just out of curiosity, did you fill out a TAG to a school? Just in case you weren't accepted to Berkeley?</p>

<p>Yeah! I tagged to Davis, UCSD, and UCSC.</p>

<p>Actually TAG isn't in the bag for me because I got an AA from on online university when I was in the military, so if UCSD decides to accept most of those credits I will go over the until limit and disqualify me for TAG :( So I am anxiously waiting on TAG decisions...</p>

<p>^ point proven.</p>



<p>Im going to ask here since I couldn't get an answer in the other thread.</p>

<p>What happens if we rank the schools on the TAG application for UCSD different than how we rank them on the UC application? Due to some mix up situation from the transfer center of my school, I ended up ranking the schools different than how I should.</p>

<p>@iMunster no idea man.</p>


<p>The one on your app is the one that will count.</p>

<p>T-40 days left</p>


<p>i was speaking to a UC Davis rep at the college day thing online and she said the LATEST they come out is the 15th, so who knows! maybe</p>

<p>T minus 30 Days!</p>

<p>^ Ugh, I type 20 questions in but Cal's rep only answer 2 of mine (video chat) :( they rush thru most questions for transfer and only answer for freshmen darn it</p>

<p>what is the maximum units for transferable units? 80/120? more than that will be rejected?
so basically if we met the minimum requirement, 100% will be accepted?</p>