now what?

<p>During the fall of 2009 i received a D+ for calc 1A. i though i could go on and take the next level of calc 1B (mistake gg) during winter 2010 but had to withdraw cause i knew i couldn't pass. (i got an 3 on my ap exam so that placed me into math 1B but i had to take 1A for credit) So right now I'm just taking 5 units instead of 10 units. In the spring I'm thinking of retaking math 1A, stats, and two elective courses. I would take more but there's a 20 unit limit. With the spring units i would have 86 qtr units. Only 4 units behind the 90 qtr unit minimum.</p>

<p>Am i even going to get accepted? (applied to uci, ucd, & ucsb)
Could I take a course during the summer to meet the 90 qtr unit?
*I finished my igetc except for math
*GPA 3.1
*the two calc course and stats were pre-req for my major.
*Major: economics</p>


<p>Does not look good for you.</p>

<p>I would say try again next fall and reapply retake calc 1 and 2 and reapply it's good you got a D in a sense you can retake it you might qualify for TAP next year if you can get a B in Calc</p>