NPC recruitment as a 'non-traditional' student.

<p>I enrolled at Vanderbilt in 2007 as a freshman. I had a variety of personal issues during my time there, and after two years of less than stellar grades, I took a leave of absence that ended up lasting four years. I've recently been reaccepted to the University and will be enrolling this fall. Because of my academic situation and a change of major it's looking like I have three years left instead of two, so I'm essentially going to be a sophomore this year. I'll be living off campus, although very close. Because of my age and my housing, I feel like it would be very easy for me to go through the rest of my time at Vandy as something of an outsider, but this isn't what I want. I really want to embrace the college experience, and since receiving word of my acceptance in the spring I've been thinking really seriously about Greek life as an incredible opportunity for campus involvement.</p>

<p>All that said, though, I know Vanderbilt is a traditional school, and I'm not exactly the traditional student. Because of my academic issues the first time around, I will have to recover my GPA a bit before I could go through recruitment. I'll turn 24 this fall semester, but it would more than likely be next year before I would be qualified academically. So what I'm asking is does anyone have any thoughts on a 25-year-old's chances in NPC recruitment at Vanderbilt? I'm outgoing, friendly, and fun, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to 'refresh' my GPA, if you will, and reestablish myself as a strong student.</p>

<p>On that note, I also wonder if anyone knows if chapters look at specific grades or just overall GPA? I've always been a strong student and I know I'm currently in a good place to continue on as such, and I would be so much more confident going into recruitment knowing that I was being judged on the 'bigger picture', not just the number. Thanks!</p>

<p>Pretty rare case ya got here-- will be tough to find a good answer. Maybe contact the office of Greek life.</p>

<p>Chapters just look at your GPA. I would say that at a number of chapters, as long as you meet their minimum GPA, the actual number is not important. And of course, at all chapters, being sociable and friendly is MUCH more important.</p>

<p>That does make sense. If I can say this without sounding arrogant, I do think of myself as a well-rounded, fairly strong candidate, so I kind of figure that I would be fine meeting the minimum with my cumulative. Knowing that they might be able to see my academic big picture would definitely make me feel better, but if that’s my only weak point I still feel fairly confident. Really my bigger concern is my age, but hopefully the office of Greek life can give me a little more insight on that. I appreciate your help!</p>

<p>I commend your perseverance and wish you the best of luck. Being involved in extracurricular activities and organization is very important to being a part of campus life and will enhance your experience tremendously. Going Greek can help a lot. Also activities/organizations that you enjoy can also help keep you connected to the campus and you get to be with people that have a similar interest. Congratulations and Best of Luck!</p>

<p>Chapters definitely do look at GPA. A 2.5 GPA is required to rush, but many sororities have bylaws or set procedures regarding GPA’s below a different number, for example a 3.0. Some chapters will not take any girls under a certain GPA without a petition, others will only take a set number under a certain GPA with no exceptions, some really could care less. These kinds of “grade risk” cuts normally happen in the first round and are automatic unless someone in the house likes you enough to fight for you, but I know of a few cases where girls were cut before entertainment for other girls with higher GPA’s.</p>

<p>I’ve got you. I knew minimums were a big deal, but the more I think about it the more it makes sense that they would only look at your cumulative. I’m far enough out from my potential recruitment date that I’m hoping I’ll have done enough to not really have to worry about it though. Thank you for the input! And the o dad, I appreciate the encouragement!!</p>

<p>Assume you are in the process of lining up recs and preparing for Vanderbilt’s competitive recruitment. Have you thought about what it would be like to be in a pledge class with girls who are 18? There’s going to be a big maturity/life experience difference.</p>

<p>Yaupon has a good point. You might have more fun with campus-wide groups. Vanderbilt has dozens to choose from, and you could start getting involved this fall.</p>