NPD question

<p>What schools are known to accept portfolios on the spot at NPD?

<p>I know SAIC, since D got it there. After it you still need to send in transcript/SAT …</p>

<p>Thanks love (I sound so British!). Had SAIC accept my portfolio at a different review. Anybody else know of any other schools that accept at NPD - and if they do… but don’t, does that mean you are doomed if you use the same work for a submitted portfolio in the regular application process? Boston NPD is Nov. 7th and it would be great to get my portfolio accepted where I could. Most likely illustration major if that matters.</p>

<p>California college of the arts also accepts students on spot. SMFA, Cooper and Art Center don’t but the reviewers do write “special” recommendations that strongly enhance your admission chances. If you’re lucky enough to have your portfolio reviewed by a cooper faculty member they may give you one of these shiny faculty referred application forms and almost everyone who gets one of those gets accepted. (everyone except me that is)</p>

<p>thanks kaelyn - are you in school now, looking or a parent? Just curious, looking over some of your posts I see you have a lot of information.</p>

<p>Cornish College accepted D’s, as well as SAIC.</p>