NROTC Colorblind waiver restrictions

I was going for the NROTC program and found out I need a waiver for being colorblind to red and green. I wish to be on a ship when I am commissioned but had a few questions as to what this colorblind waiver would allow me to do in the Navy.

If I get the waiver for NROTC, does that allow me to preform every job in the Navy, or does it limit me to be a restricted line officer? What jobs would I be able to do being colorblind in the Navy? Thank You!

No, the waiver only allows you to commission. Waivers are rare and limited to a very small percentage of candidates each year. You would still be Restricted Line and would not be able to do aviation or SWO, along with several other paths. Jobs available to Restricted Line officers from the Navy recruiting site:

Engineering Duty Officers, Aerospace Engineering Duty Officers, Aerospace Maintenance Duty Officers, Naval Intelligence Officers, Information Warfare Officers, Information Operations Officers, Public Affairs Officers, Naval Oceanographers, Information Professionals, and Human Resources.