NROTC question

<p>Right now I've finished everything except my essays on my NROTC application, and I've got all my recommendations in. My NROTC coordinator is telling me that the board convenes at the end of June, and that I should have everything in before July. I don't want to rush my essay and have it wrought with grammatical errors. I'm nervous if I try to finish my essay before the end of July it would be total crap. I'd like my English teacher to read it over too. I told my NROTC coordinator this and he basically told me that he doesn't care If I'm rushed and It would look better if I handed it in earlier. I'm not sure if I should just pull a few all nighters (or close to it) to finish up these next few days, or if I should relax and finish sometime in mid July. Can someone give me any input on if my NROTC coordinator is right? Would I be better off submitting it when I'm sure its as good as I can get it?</p>

<p>I have been told (by more than one person) that the first NROTC board will not meet until August sometime. I would not allow your recruiter to rush you. It is his job to get as many apps completed and submitted as soon as he can. It is your job to put together the best app you can to give yourself your best chance at a scholarship.
Good Luck!</p>

<p>But if you are taking over a month to write an essay about yourself then you are doing something wrong. Write the essay, have someone who is an intelligent and articulate college graduate read it and make suggestions, , punch it up , have them re-read it and do what the recruiter says and submit it. It's his job and I would believe him over an anonymous parent on the internet. This is not that hard unless you really can't write, then you have a bigger problem than meeting a short fuzed deadline.</p>

<p>thanks for the help! Just a note though-I just started my essay yesterday so It's not like I'm taking an incredibly long time to write it. I'm going to get my butt in gear and hopefully I'll have it done in the next week or so.</p>


Right. Recruiters are well known for their honesty.</p>

<p>CollegeXC1993: Look around on the internet. There are sites that focus on ROTC and the service academies. The date of the first NROTC board is available. PM me if you need the web address of a place to get help/advice during this process. Don't let your recruiter rush you "just because it's his job".</p>

<p>take as long as you need but it is great to be able to get your app in for the first board, that way they will be looking at it the max number of times</p>