NROTC Scholarship application

My S is a Junior in High school. What is the timeline to start the application process for the NROTC scholarship ? Can anyone please let me know how to go about it? How easy is the process and do I need to consult anyone ? My S is also a sea-cadet. Will they help us out ?

Your son can get the answers to all of these questions from a simple Google of “NROTC scholarship application.” For example, the first hit I got was the official website (always your first source):

Not trying to be snarky, but your son needs to own this process, not you. If he is a sea cadet, he can simply ask his chain of command if they can help him (if he feels he needs assistance). You do not need to consult anyone, he does. I say this as a parent of a soon-to-commission officer. The military does not give points to applicants whose parents stand too close behind them through either the academy or ROTC process. You can support your son’s choice, but he needs to clearly drive this bus.

I agree ChoatieMom, he has indeed steered himself thus far. Thank you for the advice. I was merely asking if we need to be looking elsewhere besides what he already knows.