<p>I am planning on enrolling in NROTC, but have yet to go to orientation so I am prevented from entering the program until I go. I have emailed the commander about the potential for earning financial assistance and he informed me that it is not a guarantee that they will be able to reward me any financial assistance. Now, I have only emailed him a few times and was only able to provide him with the most basic of my credentials; I will be meeting with him face-to-face to discuss this further. My main question is how arduous is it to actually attain the scholarship that is available to sophomores or any of the financial assistance that is available?
I would love to hear from NROTC students or even ROTC students from other branches.
transfering with a 3.3 G.P.A
Bio major
8:42 500 yd swim (CSS)
78 pushups
74 situps
8:39 1.5 mile run
Took three years out of high school to pursue junior hockey in Canada</p>

<p>You haven’t visited campus I assume. My son wants AFROTC, would prefer aviation with pilot focus. I talked to the recruiting officer at OSU and he said definitely come down and check it out. It is a good program, and they do have some decent scholarships for housing, etc. Go and find out! Good luck!</p>