NSC Dress Code

<p>This is probably just being paranoid but we can wear anything we'd normally wear to class right? As in, no dress clothes and such?</p>


<p>No dress clothes.</p>

<p>it is going to be way hot and humid... wear something that is comfy. everyone will be drenched in sweat anyway....</p>

<p>Don't forget comfortable shoes too</p>

<p>Yep, definitely dress for the weather. I wore shorts and a t-shirt or tank top every day, as did most people I saw.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reassurance! Much appreciated to know that I don't have to worry about looking spiffy.</p>

<p>Are people fashion conscious there?I mean like, do most people follow the trends or do people just wear t-shirts and shorts? In the pictures it just seems like girls where t-shirts and shorts. Do people not really wear dresses? :S</p>

<p>At my NSC (and this may just be because it's summer, I don't really know. Maybe a current student can answer this better?), there were a few girls that were dressed up, but I'm going to say about 95% of the people were dressed in shorts and t-shirts. If you want, you can go on the facebook page for each NSC, and see pictures. Just search for 'Texas A&M New Student Conference' and then pick the date you want to see.</p>

<p>thanks. Its just a bit different. People dress up for uni in the uk...</p>

<p>wow a lot of people wear boat shoes! Yeah I like how they dress.</p>

<p>Yep, boat shoes are i guess "in", and have been for a few years lol.</p>

<p>I think your question has been answered, but just to add my 2 cents worth...you buy your class tshirt the first day and then most kids wear them the second day (parents wear their shirts too) so I figured that definitely meant very casual. And I was right. No need to worry.</p>

<p>I'm happy that my son is going to A&M. I think it's a great school. However, I did NOT go there and I will NEVER wear an A&M shirt or scream WHOOP....sorry... :-)</p>

<p>wow... not even a little whoop? not your parent T-shirt? sad for your son :(</p>

<p>If you plan on spending much time on the TAMU campus while your son is in school, you will feel very out of place if you don't wear an A&M t-shirt of some sort. Particularly if you come to a football game. It is one of those places where it is "fashionable" to wear school t-shirts. I have many friends who did not attend A&M themselves, who became fully engrossed in the A&M spirit once their children became Aggies. I'm talking about Longhorns, Red Raiders, Baylor Bears, and many others. Don't know where you are from, but hopefully the Aggies will grow on you over the course of 4 years! Welcome!</p>