<p>Does anyone know what the National Society of High School Scholars is all about? I just recieved a postcard telling me I would get an invitation in a week. Does this look impressive on a college resume?</p>

<p>its something of a buy your way in award...dont list it as one of your top award on college apps as adm officers are well aware of this</p>

<p>Ya, it seems like a complete scam...</p>

<p>it is worthless. Full Stop.</p>

<p>There are several threads on this if you do a search. As previously stated, it is pretty much a scam. You pay your fee, then all you do is get a certificate, and you are an official member for life.
I scrounged up the money (which was very difficult for me to do at the time) because I didn't have time to apply for a fee waiver, and I realized afterwards what a waste the membership was. You do get a list of websites that supposedly help you, but they are ALL free websites. Basically, you pay to get access to yahoo's education section and fastweb, completely ridiculous!</p>