Nso nso nso!!

<p>I'm not even a freshman but I'm ridiculously excited for the class of 2014. My love for you new students might even be borderline weird. Apologies. OH MY GOD. it's here. Welcome to Stanford. Ok there is no real point to this post. I'm just beyond pumped. Well, here we gooooo!</p>

<p>i get you, badandelion.</p>

<p>i too am excited for the frosh to come. mostly because i have been working/living/etc-ing on campus for much of the summer and it has been so dead here. even more, i can't wait for the upperclassmen to get back. still, tomorrow will be weird.
but anyway, the wait is over 2014ers! congrats and welcome to stanford indeed.</p>



<p>It's all fun and games till midterms roll in</p>

<p>Eh, midterms aren't that bad.</p>