NSSI vs. Gallagher for student insurance while in dorm

We got NSSI for both of my older boys because they offered a lower minimum amount to insure, and they really didn’t have much of value. But for my youngest, the policies through NSSI and Gallagher look to be about the same price. Are there any differences in what they cover? The only difference I see is that Gallagher offers a liability add-on, but I’m pretty sure that they don’t need liability coverage while in a dorm. Am I missing any other differences?


I think we’ve used them both. Pretty much the same thing. We just bought a policy with Gallagher for our son. It was a bit cheaper than NSSI this time for us.

Be careful about those lower cost health insurance. Last time I looked up, few years ago, is that they do not cover international travel. Where most of the college students will do a study abroad program.


These are renters insurance policies…for belongings. They are not health insurance.

Right, this is for theft or accidental damage, etc. to his belongings.

Never used Gallagher, but did make a claim w/ NSSI. FWIW, it went better than expected.

by the way, Gallagher used to be called CSI

From what I read on our school’s Facebook page parents have had good luck with both companies. I just ordered through Gallagher online - $5,000 coverage with $50 deductible was $125.

We use Gallagher and had a good experience with one claim- a stolen bicycle. The process was smooth and quick.

We used Gallagher and had one claim filed for a damaged/totaled laptop. Good experience; DS was able to replace it with a brand new one.

No apparent difference in coverages offered?