NTU nus 2022

thread for everyone who is applying for 2022, pls feel free to discuss / ask questions

Hey have applied to NTU but cbse boards results will come by July and admission results will be out by June…any idea if they will give admission before boards results or will the Indian cbse students applications will be withdrawn!?

as far as i know admission will be given after results. what course have you applied for?

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I have applied for data science and AI as 1st preference…then ee,cs,me,AE as follows…how about you?

Got a mail from NTU to upload term 1 cbse results…:slightly_smiling_face: But there is no official transcript…any idea what to upload?

glad to see some SG based peeps on here :slight_smile:

How did you do in term 1? Also, how will we upload the transcript. Our school legit just sent us an email with the scores. Nothing downloadable.

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Term 1 was ok…not good for NTU…:slightly_smiling_face: So just trying…For transcript even i donnt know man…We dint get anything official too

Hey nat1969…I love sg man…Used to stay there but my dad got transferred to india…Just tryin to get back​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
U from NTU or Nus?

neither - just a US family in SG with kids off to college and boarding school next year

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Do you think mailing them saying that we didnt recieve the term 1 results as a seperate transcript will help ?

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I guess we could…but since none have recieved and none will submit they will get to know eventually :slightly_smiling_face:…But better we mail them
Also which all courses did u all apply to??

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I applied to cs then ae then some other stuff i dont remember lol. First 2 are my preference. Hopefully my term 1 score is good enough

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applied for economics

since everyone did bad in term 1 i think it’ll be ok :cry:

Lmao…Let’s hope for the best buddy🤞

any idea when the offers will be out

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End of June they say!:slightly_smiling_face::smiling_face_with_tear: