NU Business school not #1 but #5?!

<p>In the US News rankings last year I am pretty sure that NU's business school was number one. This year it is number five. What happened that could have made the ranking drop. I know that the rankings are not perfect or anything...I just wanted to know whether I was mistaken about last year or something.</p>

<p>You're thinking of Business Week rankings where they're #1.</p>

<p>Personally I value BW over US News.</p>

<p>honestly it doesnt matter 1 or 5 .. kelllog is "up there" as in its known as a world class business school. period.</p>

<p>Thanks ucbenz!! I know that it is wonderful...I was just surprised by what I thought was a serious drop in Ranking. :)</p>

<p>Actually, Kellogg was #4 in the latest USNWR ranking. It was #5 last year. Kellogg is never ranked among the top 2 according to the USNWR. But according to BW, Kellogg has been ranked #1 more than any other program. I personally prefer BW too. One thing is clear, Kellogg, along with Wharton and Harvard and maybe Chicago, has the biggest name in Business Education.</p>