NU Cherubs Acceptance Rate?

<p>Does anybody know the NHSI Northwestern acceptance rate for journalism? I know it's one of the less competitive ones- someone on CC said 75%! -but I know the theatre arts one is like 9%, so that sounds odd. Any estimates? I'd love to do it. I'm a sophomore but I LOVE NORTHWESTERN (7-8 time legacy) and I heard NHSI increases chances of admittance.</p>

<p>I've heard that it definitely increases chances of acceptance, especially for ED but no idea how much....</p>

<p>and that info is from an alumni whose both kids did cherubs and both were accepted ED.....</p>

<p>Do you know if that is true for all the cherubs programs? My D was accepted ED for theater after doing cherubs. My High School age S is into film and is seriously considering NU as well. He was thinking of doing Cherubs as well. Its a longer summer program than he wanted (he plays football in high school and will have to forgo summer training) so he doesn't want to do it if it will be no help at all. Does anyone know?</p>


<p>My son is applying to the Cherubs Theatre/MT program. He has had a challenging Junior year so far. He He has a wide variety of experience in performance. He's had lead roles in majority of the productions. Do you think he would be held back because his grades were not that great this year?</p>

<p>Check out this for some insight:
Medill</a> Cherubs 2008</p>