NU gets a "C" for athletics?

<p>Co11egepr0w1er gave Northwestern a "C" as their athletics grade, behind UChicago and Wash U. How does a Big 10 school with a very respectable football record and a decent basketball record get put behind those schools? I've always assumed that Northwestern's athletics program was top notch for a school of its academic caliber, among the likes of Duke, Stanford, and Vanderbilt. I realize that those grades are based on student polls, but it still doesnt make sense to me.</p>

<p>I mean it IS a Big Ten school so that literally makes no sense. Maybe it is a step below Duke or Stanford, but when you said it was behind Chicago and WUSTL that's when I laughed that rating off.</p>

<p>it also gave NU nothing above a b+ in anything, and on top of that, it gave its academics a B+. CP is such a joke</p>

<p>No top school is ranked as low for academics as NU - allow me to let out a guffaw. But wait, it gets better! MIT got a B+ for athletics. Hmmm....our campus atmosphere is a B-.....hmmm</p>

<p>C'mon, everyone knows those ratings are things to laugh at, not to actually believe!</p>

<p>Hmm...perhaps some NU hater wrote that book.</p>

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<p>50th out of 150 DIVISION 1 schools, ahead of Purdue, Iowa, Syracuse, Miami, and Boston College.</p>

<p>I know neither I nor none of my friends filled out surveys for them. I've never even heard of anyone filling out a survey for them. So how they get their info, I haven't a clue.</p>

<p>cp is a piece of ****.</p>

<p>Sam - Look at the "sports" the rankings are based on! Does NU even have a Men's Lacrosse team? No football or basketball included...</p>

<p>I give NU an A, and after they get into the NCAA tournament this year, it will be an A+.</p>

<p>Go Cats!</p>

<p>^actually, the totals do include football and basketball. the table just shows the spring sports because it's published in the spring.</p>

<p>Bad research and bad reporting? Not checking all the fine print? No wonder I couldn't get into NU! (Although it looks as though I am totally qualified to head up FOX Noise.)</p>

<p>Wildcats, you all should stop complaining. At least you still HAVE Division I teams . . .</p>

<p>^what's your point?</p>

<p>He's bitter U Chicago left the Big 10 and paved over their football field for a library.</p>

<p>NU athletics are at a crazy exciting point right now. Men's basketball has a shot at making the school's first NCAA tournament EVER. Football is coming off an exciting season with a thrilling run to the Outback Bowl (which NU lost but which scored a few spots in that night's Top 10 plays on Sports Center). The baseball team made a trip to the Big Ten Tournament this season and was super exciting to watch. Lacrosse, of course, has been a powerhouse for years. Tennis, golf, soccer, wrestling, etc., etc....competitive in all those, too.</p>



<p>Aye, aye . . . <em>grumbles about Big Ten expansion</em></p>

<p>lol what is uchicago athletics rated on cp then? an A++?</p>

<p>A "C" grade is a complete joke.</p>

<p>NU sports should get at least a B+.</p>

<p>This year, both the men's and women's BB programs have a good shot at making the Tourney and the FB team should get to another good bowl (barring any major injuries) and is in very good shape to be competitive for the forseeable future (w/ another pretty good recruiting class sewn up).</p>

<p>The women's lax and softball teams are national powerhouse programs and golf (both men's and women's), swimming, wrestling, men's soccer and fencing are regularly ranked in the top 20.</p>

<p>Basically, this is the "golden age" of NU sports and I can only see it getting better as Pres. Morty is a huge sports fan.</p>

[quote = "aabbcc1789"]
lol what is uchicago athletics rated on cp then? an A++?


<p>Actually, a C+, a merely half-grade point above Northwestern. So really, not all that exciting of news.</p>

<p>According to the article, the things that advantages UChicago athletics are higher levels of varsity and intramural participation and a better academic profile among the athletes (according to admissions, UChicago varsity athletes have a higher average GPA than the general student body).</p>

<p>If only Jim Nondorf would realize that high-profile athletics bring a higher profile to the University as a whole . . .</p>

<p>I know this is an old post, but wow a C? For a football team that got to be on a new year's day bowl game and having teams that are top ranked nationally, this grade is completely absurd. </p>

<p>If by athletics, they are referring to the general population of students, then maybe a C would be closer to accurate because by and large, NU students are relatively limited in their athletic capabilities besides real athletes and most of the greek kids. The rest are just really funny to watch attempt to play IMs.</p>