<p>I was wondering what the small things are about Northwestern that students love most. I'm very unaware of everything. Who is the school's rival? In what sports? What sports do everyone get exciterd about and attend religiously? Favorite places on campus. Like the town? Add anything helpful. Thanks</p>

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<p>one weird thing they have there is they post all annoucements to the sidewalk not to lampposts... go figure that out .. especially in the winter lol... but its cute not messy..</p>

<p>There is always something happening on campus. I visited in October and the first night there was suppose to be a fireworks show or something for some sort of event, but I think because it rained that night they moved the event into the community center type thingy I cannot remember the name of. The next night was the football game against Ohio State. It was so much fun! The students had their traditions of shaking their keys at kick off, or doing the cat claw with your hand. Oh, and one of my favorites was when everyone started chanting "state school" to all the Ohio State fans. Then Northwestern won the game, which was a huge surprise and we rushed the field, it was awesome! So I am not sure if every football game or sporting event gets that much attention, but they are definitely not forgotten. I still have the picture of the scoreboard at the end of the game as my background.</p>