NUin Program

<p>Hi, I was accepted to the NUin Program. I am wondering if anyone else was and also if anyone has done it or knows of someone who has done it and what they think about it? Right now I am really confused because I just got accepted to BU as well but I really want to go to Northeastern, however this NUin Program is kind of a bummer. My sister lives in London so to do an abroad isn't a problem, it's just not going into northeastern with everybody else. I'm just really confused and I really will take anybody's opinion!</p>

<p>Hey Claire,</p>

<p>I was accepted into the NUin program as well. It is only for a few months, and you will be back by January(or earlier, depends where you study abroad) to study in Boston. I think it is an amazing opportunity, and it is my top choice at the moment. What other time is best to travel the world and explore than when you are young and in college? Also, the bonds and friendship you make with the people you study abroad with will last all throughout your college career(I guess we should call it a career, right?). So, I wouldn't worry about "not fitting in" when you get back from your abroad trip. If anything, you will know plenty of people because you will have made great friends studying abroad, and also have amazing stories to tell when you return.</p>