Number of classes per semester?

<p>Are we really only allowed to take four courses a semester?</p>

<p>You are allowed 19 credits a full semester (so fall or spring), unless you HAVE to take more because of required labs or such, and then only your advisor can put you in the courses that make you overload. Since at Northeastern nearly every course (not including labs, intro to northeastern classes, and co-op classes) are 4 credits, this limits you to 4 normal courses. Most non-science/cs/engineering majors will therefore take 16 credits a semester after freshman year. I took 21 credits my first semester because I was in four courses (16), a required intro to chemistry at northeastern course (1), a required intro honors course (1), a required cs lab (1), and a required orgo lab (2). But except in situations like that, you are strictly limited to 19 credits, aka 4 courses.</p>

<p>To take a fifth course you need advisor's approval and a fourth of that semester's tuition-- roughly five thousand dollars. During each summer semester you take two courses for (typically) 8 credits total.</p>

<p>I may be wrong, so don't do this without checking with fin aid, but I heard you can take 3 courses a semester and still keep your scholarship. I'm certain that less than 12 credits though makes you lose it.</p>