Number of Enginnering Students

How does Iowa State accept so many students to its engineering program? Most colleges seem to be limited in size but Iowa will accept anyone as long as they meet admission requirements, is that correct? So how do they account for a possible increase in students in any given year?

@ILMomof2 - I don’t have an answer, but I assume that like most engineering schools, many students change majors after a year or two. Engineering requires a lot of hard work and also not everyone likes it. Although my ISU son will graduate next December as my third engineering son.

Enrollment has actually declined in the last two years. The peak was in 2016, with 8,809 engineering students. Current enrollment is 7,188.

Thank you for the info. We will visit this spring. I have done a lot of research and this is my preferred school based on what I’ve heard and tuition costs. I just hope my son will love it. He has a lot of higher ranked schools on his list so I’m hoping he will open his eyes and see that going into tns of debt will not be beneficial to him.