Number of matches by school?

Like the title says, does anyone know how many matches each school makes (on average)?

What are you asking? Some schools have freshman classes with 300 students and some have freshman classes with many many thousands of students.

What do you want to know?

I am asking the average number of matches each of the partner schools make each year. For instance, there were 918 matches last year across the 40 schools. How many went to Chicago, Stanford, etc. I know the schools don’t all take the same number of students.

ah…I see…Questbridge!

I think I posted this in the right place? The QuestBridge scholarship forum? There are 40 schools that finalists may rank and I am curious how many QuestBridge scholarships are given out by school. Maybe I’m not being clear?

You can find the numbers per school being discussed in the final pages of the 2017-18 match thread. There is a wide variation

Thanks! I found that and it’s a good list- 22 of 40 schools. I’m guessing the others much have fewer numbers. Do schools sometimes take no matches at all?

Here are the numbers for the places that announced them:

UChicago - 84
Williams - 16
Rice - 51
Northwestern - 63
Hamilton - 5
Colorado College - 10
Notre Dame - 22
Vanderbilt - 25
USC - 5
Oberlin - 3
Amherst - 19
UPenn- 56
Yale- 52
Pomona- 17
Bowdoin- 12
Duke- 38
Emory- 31
Haverford- 15
Caltech- 6
Princeton- 49
Swarthmore- 18
Columbia- 39

Has there ever been a list of how many finalists rank each school?

doubtful that Questbridge would ever release that information, but if you are a Finalist you can join the Questbridge Facebook group - there is an informal poll that would give you an idea of the division of applications.

Thanks. My D is a finalist, but she’s not big into social media and it would never even occur to her to browse this site. Ha. It’s just my own curiousness.

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There is a Facebook group just for 2018 Finalists. Have her find it and sign on - there is a lot of great info like this to be found there. MY DS is a finalist also - it is open just to the students, no parents allowed :slight_smile:

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@FLBeachBaby she knows it exists (I think QuestBridge sent email invites to all finalists?) but she won’t join. She said it would be falling into an anxiety hole that she wants to avoid. Mostly she thinks it’ll be discouraging in regards to her guessing her chances. I wish she would join because I deal with my nerves by doing research. Ha.

Most of the conversation is Q&A about certain schools, required documents, etc. and general high school student banter - what do you do outside of school, etc. But I appreciate her awareness of anxiety triggers - it is an anxious time.

Any info on how many Questbridge matches there are for each school with matches today? I have seen info that Penn matched 49 and USC 5. Any info on Rice?

Pomona posted that they matched 18 on their facebook page.

University of Chicago had 78, Notre Dame 42, Tufts 13

Haverford 25

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Columbia matched 55

Northwestern’s 58