Number of SAT 2

<p>Okay, so here are my SAT scores so far: December 2009: Math Level 2 - 800 and Chemistry- 800 and June 2010: Spanish - 800 and Biology M - 770.
I am not entirely satisfied with the last one but I won't take it again, because I have enough good scores.</p>

<p>However, I have been told on many occasions that blah blah Spanish is like the second language in the USA and you won't be given much credit for it blah blah and I strongly believe I will be capable of scoring a 750+ in German with Listening in November and maybe do the same in Physics. But my counselor thinks I have enough SAT 2 tests. </p>

<p>What do you think?
Also, if, say, instead of taking the SAT, I take the OSD or some other European German Diploma, will that count? I am thinking of either taking the SAT or this test but anyway I won't let my papers show I can speak two foreign languages instead of three.</p>

<p>Laura, you've got enough Subject Tests!!! Honestly you're crazy - just saying. You should definitely take the SAT.
Is it not a must for any US college? Especially for Harvard and the other small Ivies where my friend here intends to apply....</p>

<p>All colleges that require SAT IIs require two except Georgetown which requires three. You have enough SAT II scores and they are high enough for any college. Do not risk another and possibly get a low score. Getting another high score would add to your application the following in value: 0.</p>

<p>I will take the SAT but I have three SAT dates remaining so I could try to take the German SAT 2 in November. Anyway, I will probably take a German exam instead of the SAT 2. I'll see.</p>