Number of scholarships applied for vs. number rec'd?

<p>This is just a little survey to gauge the success rate of scholarship applications experienced by CCers.</p>

<p>I've applied to 24 and awarded one ($1,000 and advanced to state) so far. Hehe, that's roughly a 4% success rate. But I'm still waiting to hear from a lot of them, so hopefully the success rate will go up. I also have 7 in progress.</p>

<p>I applied to 44 so far and have received 2- $1,000 & $500
I've been rejected by 20!! ):
It's sad, but i'll l keep on trying though.</p>

<p>i've applied to something like 20.
i got one for $5000, was a finalist but eventually lost a $1000 one, and am a finalist for another one which could range from $500-$3500</p>

<p>I've applied to prolly 15. I've gotten 1 honorable mention (no $) and one $500 scholarship (local, wahoo!!!). Moral of the story; apply to local scholarships. You have the best chance at those, unless you are a superior, crazy good candidate with an excellent "overcoming obstacles" story.</p>

<p>Do jobs count? Cuz I applied to one and got hired right away. It's nice, because I often get paid to eat food. It certainly seems like a scholarship to me :P</p>

<p>Yeah local scholarships are the best! The $1,000 scholarship I won didn't require a lot of work--I think I got it just because not many people applied.</p>