Number of times SAT should be taken

<p>I've taken the SAT 3 times already. I've boosted about 100 points in each test. Should I take it a 4th time? My goal is to get over 2100 which would mean I would have to do about 120 points better. I have taken many practice sats and have gotten well over 2100 but I guess i just had a bad day on my 3rd take. So should I take it a 4th time or will it hurt me if i do?</p>

<p>1) Find weak spots
2) Work on it
4) Profit</p>

<p>profit?!?! what does he mean??? haha</p>

<p>^Only if you are required to send all your grades to one of your top choices; otherwise, take it as many times as you want (and are willing to pay for and spend time on)!</p>

<p>Take a few practice tests, find out your weak point(s), work on the weak points.</p>

<p>JUST DO IT! whatever, it's our last chance let's just hope everything works out this time!</p>

<p>I have heard both. some said don't take it more than 3 times; others said it won't matter as long as the schools you apply use score choices. by the way, not all schools participate "score choice." Georgetown University is a good example.</p>