<p>I’m really curious. Between the acceptance thread here and a Facebook group to which I belong, I have counted 15 acceptances to Rider for MT already this year. (Of course a couple of them could be the same people). </p>

<p>That seems like a lot of acceptances awfully early in the process. Unifieds doesn’t even happen until the next 2 weekends! Does anyone know how many they plan to accept? I’m sort of wondering whether those still auditioning will have much of a chance or if all the slots will be filled.</p>

<p>The program is new so I doubt if anyone will know exact numbers but schools often accept many more (double) than eventually attend. Especially with a recently developed program I assume they're aware they are not most applicants first choice so would offer admission to a relatively high number and see who accepts. Good luck!</p>

<p>Just to follow up, I had a lovely chat with Robin Lewis when we made a visit to campus and he said that they are planning to accept close to 40 this year in hopes of yielding a class of around 20-25. </p>

<p>They are aware that they could be off by a bit and they have a commitment from the Dean to add additional faculty if they end up with a much larger class.</p>

<p>Contrary to my fears, D was accepted after Chicago Unifieds and so we decided to visit. We were VERY impressed with the program and with the students we met during our visit. She had the opportunity to observe or participate in several classes, have lunch with current students and go on a campus tour. Rider certainly moved way up on her list of possibilities after that visit.</p>

<p>tracyvp- when your d was accepted, how was she contacted? did she walk-in or have an audition scheduled? congratulations to her! :)</p>

<p>She had an audition scheduled. The acceptance is now showing on the MyRider page of the website.</p>