Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant

My daughter is a rising junior who is interested in either becoming an NP or a PA. It has been suggested to us to apply to schools that would have direct admittance, accomplishing the final degree in 5 or 6 years total, depending. We live in the Boston area, so she would like to either stay in New England, or the Carolinas. Does anyone have any recommendations of schools we could look at that fit this criteria? Thank you!

She will want to search for direct entry BSN programs for nursing. If you go to the nursing forum there is a list there I believe. It will take 6 years minimum to get her NP but she should really have some real RN experience before entering NP school. I teach nursing and I have had a few students enter into their NP classes right away and ended up dropping nursing all together. One should really get real experience in healthcare seeing the variety of jobs RN vs NP vs PA can really do before making a final choice.

In Boston you have Boston College and Northeastern University.

There’s some freshman admit PA schools around. More than NP for sure. Here’s a list I found:

Be sure that she checks out Simmons, in central Boston.
They have some wonderful direct admit Nursing, as well as terrific pre-Health advising .